by Pure White


Released Under the Tokyo Sound System Label


Personal Comments: My first album! I'm super excited. Mainly for releases, I'll probably alternate between four different styles that are a combination of the styles I experimented with in my two EPs, and other inspirations. This is a pretty plunderphonic album that mainly took inspiration from my "Atmospheres of a Dark Winter" EP and the works of 2 8 1 4. I plan on kinda doing some lowkey musical story throughout these first style albums, and it's gonna start on a depressing note I guess. Also the fact that this album is on Spotify AND a label takes me back a bit. Anyway, this was an interesting experience, and it also introduced me to many producers in the vaporwave community that this album was partly inspired by, so shout out to them for supporting this album.

Artist's Favourite Track: Until Tomorrow...



released August 19, 2016



Pure White Toronto, Ontario

Hi, I'm DRSG. This is where I post all of my music.

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